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Our School of Cosmetology

our school of cosmetology

Vanity Studio School of Cosmetology is to teach, develop, and graduate students to be professionals in the Art and Science of Cosmetology and to prepare students to successfully pass the Connecticut State Board Exam. Students who successfully pass the VS School of Cosmetology course and curriculum will be prepared for successful employment in the beauty industry.


Vanity Studio School of Cosmetology is also a full service hair salon. Students will be working side by side with master stylist from the very start of their school experience. Interacting with clients and assisting for Master stylist students will gain the confidence and knowledge they need to excel in the cosmetology industry.

Our workshop includes hands on demonstrations and one on one with some of the best stylist/ educators in the world. Get ready to dive into the theory behind cosmetology and perfect your artistry and technique on both real life clients and mannequins. We take pride in offering a diverse training in all hair textures and hair design.

Our Cosmetology program is CT State Certified. Upon completion of 1500 hours and passing the CT State Board Exam, students will be officially licensed in the state of CT as a beauty practitioner. Our students are introduced to internship opportunities with other local salons. This experience offers our students a network and exposure to the beauty industry that positions them for success.

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Academy Instructors

& Mentors

ShaQueen Valentine

Co-Founder and Instructor

Mike Valentine

Co-Founder and Instructor

Danelle Aune

Campus Director and Instructor
& Fees

Academy Costs

  • Enroll
  • $100,00

    Application Fee
  • This is a non- refundable fee submitted alongside your initial application. This fee assures your consideration in our program. For a limited time only apply before 04/15 and we’ll wave this fee.
  • Tuition
  • $15,500,00

  • This is the full cosmetology program tuition. This includes all your training and preparation for the State Board Exam. 1500 hours of CT State Certified Cosmetology Curriculum.
  • Supplies
  • $2,000,00

    Academy Kit
  • This fee is not included in your tuition. This is a separate fee for your entire beauty kit. This Kit includes Text Books, Diverse Maniquins, Tripod, Styling tools, Cutting tools, VS T-shirt, and Book Bag.


Going to school at Vanity Studio, was a great experience. I was stuck working a dead end job, and didn't know what I wanted to do with my future. Thankfully, my sister came home from a college fair and brought home information for the school. Little did I know, this is what would kick start my future. The personalized attention that you get from the one on one mentoring really gives you the push that you need to do well in school. In addition to getting personalized attention, the instructors give you real salon experience by allowing you to shadow them as they work on a variety of clients. The instructors work very hard to familiarize you with the salon environment and prepare you for your own clients in the future. Overall, Vanity Studio is a tight knit family, that welcomes new students with open arms and gives them the foundation for success.
Jared Simmons ● Graduate


Starting school I was also taking English classes. Vanity Studio School of Cosmetology was encouraging that I really could be a professional. Part of the school program is to go into other salons for internships, to try them out and gain experience. I was able to become employed at a salon I interned at. Since working there I have been able to offer extension services I learn in school and have built a clientele.
Karla Garcia ● Academy Graduate

Curriculum Outline

CT guidelines providing by The Sate of Connecticut Department of Labor

Sanitation & Hygiene


Skin Care, Facials, Makeup & Manicuring


Anatomy & Physiology


Hair Shaping, Styling & Shaving


Chemical Procedures


Business & Professional Relationships


Hair Care and Treatment


State Laws for Hairdressers & EEOC Guidelines


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We at Vanity Studio encourage you to join us in celebrating your beauty!! We believe in creating looks specifically designed to our clients lifestyle and personal style. Our experienced Hair Designers specialize in all types of hair textures!! We provide a fun and uplifting environment designed to allow our clients to let their hair down and leave feeling fabulous!!

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Frequently asked questions

Do you accept installment plans?

Yes, we offer affordable payment plans. A deposit of $2500 and your Kit fee is required to begin. Students can pay balance off in monthly installments within contracted date.

Do you have Financial Aid?

We are a private institution. Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept Federal Loans.

Do you have Grants/ Scholarships?

Yes, we offer Grant opportunities to our applicants in financial need. Applicant is required to write an essay explaining why the should be chosen for the grant and why they have decided to attend beauty school.

What is the schedule?

School is scheduled for Monday Tuesday Wed Friday 10am-4pm Saturday 9am-3pm. We offer flexible Schedules. Students are allowed to create their own schedule within the School hours.

How long is the course?

CT requires the completion of 1500 hours. Depending on the students schedule that can take 12 months full time and up to 24 months part time.


Application Fee Waved

Submit your application before 5/16 and we’ll wave the $100 application fee.